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Accel® debit payments network from Fiserv® combines innovative technology with coverage across the U.S. and Canada to deliver real-time payments and funds access that improve the consumer experience and your competitive edge.

Your customers and members want to conduct transactions whenever, wherever and however they choose. Meet those demands with ATM services that provide quick, secure transactions, backed by around-the-clock reliability. Offering these ATM services can increase opportunities for your institution by helping to strengthen consumer relationships and by offering competitive pricing. By accelerating ATM transactions through the real-time infrastructure of Accel debit payments network from Fiserv, you can enhance the consumer experience.

Accel leverages our 40 years of experience as an industry leader in providing innovative and secure real-time ATM services. Our extensive network of ATMs covers all 50 U.S. states, territories and Canada, enabling financial institutions to effectively manage network participation and eliminate redundant costs. Service provider participants can realize strategies for effective, comprehensive and profitable ATM deployment through our strong business relationships with sponsoring members.

In addition to providing optional surcharge-free funds access and deposit acceptance options, along with other traditional ATM capabilities, Accel continually evaluates new features, functionality and complementary partnerships for improving the funds access experience. These innovative solutions can provide your institution with enhanced opportunities and help to retain and expand your customer or member base. Future products and services include cardless payment solutions, such as e-wallets, and the ability to access funds by entering a virtual PIN.


Improve your competitive advantage by delivering the speed, convenience and flexibility that consumers demand with Accel. You can strengthen customer and member relationships and improve your bottom line through our competitive pricing.

Other benefits include:

  • Providing consumers convenient ATM access and transaction flexibility with our expansive North American network
  • Delivering the speed and reliability that consumers expect with accelerated, secure transactions
  • Strengthening existing customer and member relationships, and attracting key demographic segments with innovative solutions
  • Enhancing operational effectiveness with our single-partner integration and processing simplicity
  • Minimizing network spend and maximizing opportunities with our transparent pricing strategy

What We Offer

Card Solutions
The products, services and strategies of Card Solutions from Fiserv increase customer acquisition, improve retention, minimize risk and increase share of wallet. Fiserv can help you deploy solutions for ATMs; credit, debit and prepaid cards; loyalty and rewards; debit payments network; and card risk management.

Output Solutions
Output Solutions from Fiserv can help you drive more value into your client relationships with our card composition services and personalized photo cards. Customize and differentiate your offering with MyCardCreation®, a front-end personalization tool that allows cardholders to create their own cards using either decorative photos, or personal identity photos to help thwart fraud.

Payments Network Solutions for Service Providers

Acquirers, merchants and processors can leverage opportunity and enhance the consumer experience with real-time payments and funds access solutions from Accel, the leading debit payments network from Fiserv. We provide secure, efficient and dependable transactions for ATMs, point of sale, e-commerce, online bill payments and money transfers.

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Payments Network Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can build deeper consumer relationships, leverage opportunities and improve their competitive advantage with Accel, the leading debit payments network from Fiserv. As consumers and small businesses increasingly rely on emerging technology to conduct transactions, your institution can be the single source for each consumer.

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