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Leverage opportunity, curb customer and member attrition and provide innovative capabilities with the Accel® money transfer transaction set. Real-time funds transfers enable consumers to initiate person-to-person or person-to-business payments and access guaranteed funds immediately—anytime and anywhere.

Consumers and small businesses increasingly expect delivery of and access to funds through the convenience and flexibility of real-time online and mobile transactions. You need a payments network that enables them to send and receive money easily and securely to their own accounts and to family, friends and others.

Real-time money transfers via Accel debit payments network from Fiserv® can help you attract new customers and members, and generate an additional source of revenue. Accel connects service providers and financial institutions so that consumers and small businesses can conduct guaranteed funds transactions through trusted methods.

Our Service

Money transfer transactions through Accel provide consumers and small businesses with the flexibility to make payments and access funds immediately. Service providers who want to move funds instantly through Accel can provide this value-added feature to meet consumer and small business needs.

Money transfers enable you to leverage opportunity while strengthening your consumer and small business relationships. You can also increase consumer loyalty with Popmoney from Fiserv, a person-to-person payments service that integrates seamlessly with Accel and incorporates industry-leading risk management measures.


The Accel money transfer transaction set connects service providers with financial institutions, establishing a secure conduit for guaranteed funds transactions.

Other benefits include:

  • Providing innovative functionality that can strengthen and enhance customer and member relationships and attract new accounts
  • Reducing back-office costs associated with paper checks
  • A unique transaction set that makes it easy to distinguish money transfers from POS and PINless bill payments, simplifying reporting and tracking

What We Offer

Popmoney from Fiserv
Today's consumers want simple, secure ways to send, receive and request money. With Popmoney, a person-to-person payments service from Fiserv, customers and members can send and receive payments as easily as sending an email or text. Popmoney can help you leverage this opportunity, attract new accounts and increase loyalty among existing customers.

Popmoney® from Fiserv

With Popmoney®, consumers can immediately send and receive money with an email or text message.

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Payments Network Solutions for Service Providers

Acquirers, merchants and processors can leverage opportunity and enhance the consumer experience with real-time payments and funds access solutions from Accel, the leading debit payments network from Fiserv. We provide secure, efficient and dependable transactions for ATMs, point of sale, e-commerce, online bill payments and money transfers.

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Payments Network Solutions for Financial Institutions

Financial institutions can build deeper consumer relationships, leverage opportunities and improve their competitive advantage with Accel, the leading debit payments network from Fiserv. As consumers and small businesses increasingly rely on emerging technology to conduct transactions, your institution can be the single source for each consumer.

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