State-of-the-Art Fraud Mitigation

Accel is fully committed to strengthening network integrity with state-of-the-art fraud mitigation solutions that help to protect your assets and minimize cardholder disruption.

By utilizing several layers of risk management, we are able to provide the safety and security your cardholders expect. Our innovative approach to fraud and risk includes the following solutions:

Real-time predictive fraud scoring uses AI and machine learning technology to provide a risk score in the online message for issuers in their transaction decision-making process

Network rule manager detects and manages fraud by monitoring debit card activity for suspicious transactions and augments existing risk rules and processes 

3D Secure adds a powerful level of security to the authentication of ecommerce transactions and promotes increased consumer confidence in online shopping

Accel also employs payment industry standards like PIN, CVI, AVS, tokenization and EMV®, collectively improving debit transaction security

One of the nation's leading full-service debit networks

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